Journalism is no longer about collecting and objectively disseminating information so the public can make a well-informed decision. A once noble profession, journalism has been subjugated by activists and ideologues more concerned with opinion & subjectivity than objectively reporting the facts.

Objective and fact-based reporting are replaced by subjective views of “content creators” masquerading as journalists and presenting “their version” or interpretation as truth that mustn’t be questioned.

To question the media (corporate or independent) regardless of whether they have a right or left-leaning bias is akin to being branded a modern-day heretic. It’s time for things to change; it’s time to break the echo chamber that these journalists reside.

We will be that change; we are the alternative media.

I first realized that something was wrong with the media after I came back from China. I knew something was wrong in China because stories would be reported differently depending on whether the audience was domestic or international. I started my deep dive into the Intellectual Dark Web; I realized we were being played. American media is a cesspool of hyperpartisan and hyper-reactionary content creation. I don’t even call them journalists anymore because they don’t practice journalism; they’re just glorified content creators, only a slight step up from those like myself on YouTube.

I did a deep dive into fake news before the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought I understood the subject, but I was very wrong. I would watch live videos of events unfolding in real-time, yet the so-called reporter would altogether reject the reality around them and make something up. We watched a live broadcast of a murder trial in which the media openly lied about the identities of those who claimed to be victims because they needed to push racial conflict.

We have a huge conundrum in our society today. We are becoming hyperpolarized to the point where we are willing to sacrifice our own family & friends because we have been tribalized to the point that anything outside our echo chamber or ideological beliefs are viewed not as something to be questioned or inquired about but rather something that is a threat to our existence.

– Joshua Eaton (Editor-in-Chief)

TLDR Press (tl;dr Press) was initially started as a YouTube channel called Nova Scotia Government Watch (NSGov Watch). The original concept was to collect and disseminate information from the government of Nova Scotia & other government organizations to help the people of Nova Scotia better understand what their government was doing. It was determined that simply reporting on what the government is doing & helping to translate government doublespeak into something normal humans understood wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t enough to report on and translate what the government is doing. We needed to hold the media accountable for their daily published false and misleading information. The research into the code of ethics for journalism in Canada and the United States helped shed light on some issues. We discovered that these guidelines are just that; they have no actual teeth. We realized that the journalists publishing false and misleading information regulate themselves and instantly remove anyone from their circles who disagree with them.

Corporate media, also known as legacy media or the mainstream media, has its issues. The CBC, our national public broadcaster, has a massive prejudice towards differing opinions and spends more time focusing on intersectional identity politics and clickbait than they do topics that the overwhelming majority of Canadians would like to hear. Organizations like Rebel Media cover more controversial topics than the corporate media; even though they are independent, they have just as much bias as the CBC.

We want to build a team of people that have different ideologies. We want to build a team of people that have different political affiliations. We want to build a team of people from across this great nation with different opinions. We openly reject the concept of the ideological echo chamber and recognize the dangers that such a belief system is creating in our society.

When our Prime Minister says that diversity is our strength, he is correct. The only problem with our Prime Minister’s diversity argument is that his diversity only runs skin deep. We will openly reject identity politics. We will support the diversity of opinion and actively encourage public debate and discussion on important topics to Canadians.