Legal & Policy

Below you will find descriptions of in links to our different operating procedures and policies. If you have any questions or need clarification of these procedures or policies, please feel free to reach out. Additionally, if you have concerns about a potential ethics violation or any other potential violations of any of the policies or procedures listed below, You can direct all of your inquiries to

Many companies have a set of operating procedures that govern how their organization is supposed to conduct itself in different situations and provide guidance when they have questions about how to proceed on something. Media organizations have a code of ethics that outlines policies and operational procedures on collecting, verifying, and disseminating information.

Our ethics guidelines are based on the original guidelines written by the Canadian Association of Journalists and their Principles for Ethical Journalism. The ethics guidelines have been modified from the original for clarity and enhancing the guidelines to leave less room for debate or subjective decisions on how to apply them.

As a company that respects everyone’s right to free speech and how important it is for us to communicate and talk about complex subjects, sometimes respecting people’s diversity of opinions is a difficult task due to how people choose to voice those opinions. Each of the respective platforms that we publish on has its community standards for what they find acceptable, and unfortunately, we don’t have control over that.

We chose to apply more of a common-sense approach and outline things that most reasonable people would find very unreasonable while making enough room to understand that, yes, sometimes people might say something inappropriate in the heat of the moment. We also created this policy to recognize that some people’s behaviour may cause a technical or security risk as well as potential legal issues

We live in a hyperpolarized world where ideologies often collide with each other. We recognize that there is hate speech and compelled speech laws here in Canada, so we have come up with an addition to our social media and commenting policy that deals specifically with hate and compelled speech issues.

Like our social media and commenting policy, this policy is very much about common sense. We realize that when it comes to hate and compelled speech that there was always contextual issues based on an individual’s ideology that can affect whether it is a matter of hate or compelled speech.