On Monday, January 3rd, 2022, we broadcast our first ever live stream. The live stream initially started with some technical issues due to everyone who was involved only having a couple of hours of experience with the new streaming software.

We have worked out a number of the bugs, and hopefully, the stream that will be taking place late today will be much better. We have reached out to a couple of people and asked them if they would like to participate in today’s stream.

The details of the stream and the reason why we’ve switched streaming software is that usually, the more connections you have directly from your machine going out, the lower the quality that you can stream. To maintain full high-definition quality when streaming, we’ve selected a software package that allows us to multi-stream all at 1080P. Using the other software that we’ve previously been using, the more sites or platforms we stream 2, it drops the resolution goes down to 720P

Our first stream was initially released on three separate platforms. Each of these platforms we were streaming to two individual accounts. We were streaming to TLDR Press and Mr. Reality Check to see the volume of streams we could conduct at once, and it worked flawlessly. Today’s stream will be only on TLDR Press as we wish to maintain a separation between accurate reporting of news and the more opinionated and in-depth discussions that will take place on the Mr. Reality Check channel.

We will be scheduling the events shortly, so Please remember to like and subscribe to all of our social media channels to stay up to date on our live broadcasts and our upcoming videos on demand.